Ann-Marie Grind Art

Ann-Marie Grind

"the queen of colours"

Colours can be nourishment for the soul and to enjoy Ann-Marie's art is like diving into the infinite sea of colours, coming out with fresh eyes to all the colour nuances around us .  
Ann-Marie has taken a great interest in painting at an early age, is a trained architect, and has studied art at Vedic art school and oil and cold wax with Rebecca Crowell and Jerry McLaughlin. 
Colours are her passion and she sees colours everywhere; in peeling walls, rusty metal, skies and waters. In a playful manner and with total freedom she experiments and has found her own technique with acrylic colours, layers and layers, using palett knives, fabrics, sponges and brushes. 
Ann-Marie has her home and studio in Höganäs in the south of Sweden, close to the ocean, mountain and forests, where she often take long walks, gathering inspiration  for her painting.